Attracting younger people into care

Q&A session with 22 year-old Liz Sherlock

There seems to be stigma around working in care which is preventing young people from applying for roles within a care home. Luckily, we haven’t experienced this problem at Arlington House. We have a nice mix of ages across our care team, which is great for our residents and for staff morale.

For any younger person out there, who may be considering a career in care, we’d like to share a story of Liz Sherlock. Aged 22, Liz is currently our youngest employee and her Q&A below makes compelling reading of how a young person can thrive within a care home environment.

What brought you into care?

I started working at Arlington House as a Cook (aged 20) and quickly bonded with the residents. I felt I wanted more of a personal touch and more 1-2-1 time with the residents, so I enquired about moving onto the care team. I was delighted when the Manager agreed to this change of role.

What are the best bits about working at Arlington House?

I love going home after a shift knowing that I’ve helped someone. My main motivation is the fact that I have improved the residents’ day in whichever way I can.

What are the benefits of youth within the care home?

Many of the residents see me as “a little girl” and have taken me under their wing. I think it’s refreshing and different for residents to see a youthful face – it makes them happy and keeps them young!

As the youngest member of the team, I try and bring energy and enthusiasm on all my shifts, and I feel I get on really well with all the staff members – whatever their age!

What are your ambitions for the future?

I am currently working towards the position of Senior Carer. Being a carer is great and I really enjoy it, but I now feel settled in my role and would love the challenge of having more responsibility. It would be great to make decisions on behalf of the residents/staff and to get the chance to implement some of my own ideas.

What our staff members say about Liz

Keen, hard-working, passionate, polite, caring, softly spoken, a ‘little cutie pie’!!

What our residents say about Liz

“Liz is making the grade – she is very caring, confident and capable” (Gordon Wood, current resident at Arlington House)

What our Management say about Liz

“Liz has a great attitude and for someone so young, she handles pressure very well. We’re delighted with Liz’s performance and are working closely with her to ensure she continues to develop at Arlington House. Even though there are different rules around pay and benefits for people under 25, due to Liz’s performance, she gets the same package as everyone else. This is testament to her worth to Arlington House”.

Arlington House is always on the lookout for professional, caring and enthusiastic members of staff – irrespective of age! For anyone looking for a role within the care sector – we offer attractive pay levels and would be pleased to hear from you.

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Attracting younger people into care