Our ethos

Choosing a residential home is a big decision. It’s not just about the rooms, the location and the facilities; it’s about every last detail – from the morning routines and daytime activities, to the food, conversation and friendships that make people feel special.

At Arlington House we believe that the emotional, physical and social welfare of our residents are all equally important. So we take the time to understand as much as we can about a person before putting together an individual care plan to match their situation.

Besides talking to the resident about their needs and preferences, we invite friends and family to help us build up a complete picture of what makes them happy. By considering everything from mobility and dietary requirements, to hobbies, interests and sense of humour, we make sure the right level of support is in place from the very beginning.

When choosing a residential home there is nothing quite like a personal recommendation to help put your mind at ease. Here’s what people have been saying about Arlington House:

Arlington House will always hold a very special place in my heart for the love and attention they gave to my mother for the last three years of her life, whilst she was suffering from Lewy Body dementia. Choosing a care home is not easy, but as soon as I walked through the door I could tell that Arlington was different. It is full of character, feels homely, is beautifully decorated and smells lovely, not a purpose built building like many residential homes. The nice thing is that residents can make their rooms feel homely too, with their own small pieces of furniture, ornaments and pictures, so it is not strange and clinical.
Being a small care home, the staff know all the residents very well. They know what makes the resident happy and do their best to accommodate individual whims and wishes. We grew to know the staff very well, as they are all regular and I never experienced any agency staff. All staff are extremely professional, but caring and friendly and I thank them all so much. I always knew Mum was in good hands, the food is lovely and the laundry and bedrooms spotless. Just look at the way the residents are dressed each day and you will be impressed.

Take a good look at Arlington House, I can certainly recommend it.

Sue Kennedy , (Daughter of Ada Jackson)