A day in the life of Arlington House

Our day can begin early at around 6am, when some of us like to get up and enjoy the early morning, while others prefer to stay snuggled under their duvets for a few more hours.

At breakfast, we can choose from lots of different items such as cereal, toast & jam or scrambled eggs and bacon – whatever is chosen; it is always washed down with plenty of tea or coffee!

After breakfast we can relax in one of our 2 main lounges. We have recently extended these lounges and we all enjoyed seeing the building work take place and talking to the workmen who came into our home. Mid-morning we can have more tea and coffee (the kettle is always on at Arlington House!) and at this time, we do love a few biscuits with our brew.

Mmmmm… dinner time is around midday and a big favourite of ours is the Arlington House Sunday roast – this usually involves plenty of meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy – followed by a nice helping of strawberry trifle.

In the afternoon some of us just like to relax or watch TV, whereas others like to read magazines or listen to some soothing music. We often have an impromptu sing-along or have our nails done. We also have activity days when we play games, do jigsaws and make crafts with a lovely young man named Matt.  We always have things to do, even if we are just nattering to the friendly group of care staff or having a quick snooze.

Before we know it it’s nearly teatime. We can choose a hot tea (like beans on toast) or if we prefer, we can have a choice of sandwiches and we do love our salad and pickle on the side! Most of us unwind after tea and then it’s supper time. Supper time is always popular – as most of us are partial to a Horlicks with a nice slice of homemade cake or a freshly baked biscuit.

Some of us then like to go to bed early and others are night owls who love to stay up as long as possible! But as with everything at Arlington House, it is always our choice.

Hazel Entwistle

A day in the life of Arlington House