Activities update

Variety is the spice of life!

The lockdown hasn’t been easy for anyone, especially our residents. And while we have done everything possible to facilitate visits from family where we can, we know they have had more downtime than ever before. That’s why we have ramped up our activities programme to new heights!

It’s been a busy and varied year on the activities front, both with 121 and group sessions. We have put a new structure in place which means every single resident gets their own personal contact time and gets to take part in the activities that are suited to them.

Here are just a few highlights of what we have been up to in 2021:

Arts & crafts – pottery classes, making spinning tops, creating a family tree, handmade Valentine’s Day cards and various themed craft sessions.

Regular events – monthly Birthday parties to celebrate all residents who had a birthday in that month, pub nights famously known as “The Arlington Arms” where everyone has a drink, crisps and a quiz, exercise classes (including the popular Arlington Walking Club and musical motion sessions) and sports days.

Special events – to keep things interesting, we’ve held both a Spanish and French evening where our residents learn more about the country in question, share memories they may have and sample the local food & drink in the process.

iPad learning and engagement – piano playing, historical photos, brain teasers, drawing boards etc – the iPad has been an invaluable tool and one resident even commented “I am getting addicted to the iPad – I may save up to buy one of my own!”

Outdoor time – we’re blessed with large, well-kept gardens at Arlington House and encourage residents to sit outside as much as possible. Our residents have seen two extremes so far this year – they have had a snowball fight and sat out in the March sunshine!

Let’s hope the current lockdown and visitor limitations don’t last long, but one thing is for sure, our current, exciting and varied activities programme is here to stay!